Thinking About Studying In London?

St Marys’ University 

St Mary’s University is the leading sports university in London. The university has a vibrant research culture and environment. In addition St Mary’s has a strong and welcoming presence of students from all backgrounds and areas of life. Thus, in return all staff members are committed to perform to the highest standard of teaching across our wide range of courses from undergraduate and postgraduate. For students we have taken a BTEC-Level sports/Exercise science here are some courses that may interest you are interested in attaining a sports degree. Some of the courses St Marys has to offer for sports students are Sports science (single or double honours) and Sports psychology (with sports science and sports business). There are professional athletes such as Sir Mo Farah who trains on our athletics track and lives locally.

How is student life at St Marys?

My name is Rianna. I am a 3rd year University student at St Marys. Campus life at St Mary’s is very resourceful as all the facilities and support you need is on the campus. For students who live in dorms on campus or nearby can choose to eat in our lunch hall with fully prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner, as the university does not allow students to cook in dorms for health and safety reasons. Or students can eat out although you will have to take local transport to do this.  The campus has two libraries, one on the main campus and another 5 minutes down the road from the Naylor library. St Mary’s has sports hall that consist of indoor facilities that include a gym, futsal, badminton. St Marys has a sports field used for rugby and football and next to this there is Mo Farah athletics track which stands in front of the student café. The university takes part in various sports such as football, rugby, weightlifting, athletics to name a few.

 Football In London

London’s most notable sports are football, cycling, tennis and rowing, swimming and rugby.  However football is one of the pride and joys of London culture with  London’s  biggest clubs being Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are known internationally around the world through Premier League and  their football tours. The fiercest rivalries amongst the London clubs is the north London derby Arsenal vs Tottenham other notable rivalries are Chelsea vs Arsenal.

Tourism In London

Some great attractions in  London include London bridge, London eye great for view of London as a whole, Wembley Stadium, The Olympic stadium The Harry potter theatre.