[Samurai coach project] Samurai experience of a British coach

・How long have you been coaching in Samurai?

2 years.

・Why did you choose the samurai?

They are local and I love Japanese culture and the people!

・Please tell us about your experience with Samurai

My experience with samurai has been positive. It was my dream to work in football so I phoned all of the local clubs around my area and samurai stood out to me so I decided to support them. They were very accepting of me even though I wasn’t Japanese.

・What are you mainly doing at Samurai?

Coaching u8 and supporting other age groups.

・ Please tell us about your daily life

Nowadays I play sports, study and cooking although I do enjoy other things such as cinema & theatre.

・ What are you mainly studying at university?

Health & social care.

 A certain day (daily schedule)

0800 Breakfast
1030 Coaching
1200 Lunch
1330 Coaching
1500 Futsal
1800 Dinner
1900 Study
2000 Friends

・ How do you spend your holidays?

Holidays with friends (dinner/night out).

・ Are there any barriers/walls that you felt in the samurai?

Before I started coaching I didn’t have any experience so it was difficult. Language was another barrier when building a relationship with the younger kids and parents.

・ Are you studying Japanese? How are you studying?

I’m studying Japanese at home and through online private sessions, casually too with samurai friends.

・ Learning at Samurai

Everyone at samurai was very accommodating to my learning.

・Dream for the future

Work full time in football as well as abroad.

・ Please give us some advises for those who are worried about studying abroad

You can grow as a person I recommend meeting with as many people as possible!

Thank you Abdulla!