カテゴリー別アーカイブ: 4 サッカー&英語

Thinking About Studying In London?

St Marys’ University 

St Mary’s University is the leading sports university in London. The university has a vibrant research culture and environment. In addition St Mary’s has a strong and welcoming presence of students from all backgrounds and areas of life. Thus, in return all staff members are committed to perform to the highest standard of teaching across our wide range of courses from undergraduate and postgraduate. For students we have taken a BTEC-Level sports/Exercise science here are some courses that may interest you are interested in attaining a sports degree. Some of the courses St Marys has to offer for sports students are Sports science (single or double honours) and Sports psychology (with sports science and sports business). There are professional athletes such as Sir Mo Farah who trains on our athletics track and lives locally.

How is student life at St Marys?

My name is Rianna. I am a 3rd year University student at St Marys. Campus life at St Mary’s is very resourceful as all the facilities and support you need is on the campus. For students who live in dorms on campus or nearby can choose to eat in our lunch hall with fully prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner, as the university does not allow students to cook in dorms for health and safety reasons. Or students can eat out although you will have to take local transport to do this.  The campus has two libraries, one on the main campus and another 5 minutes down the road from the Naylor library. St Mary’s has sports hall that consist of indoor facilities that include a gym, futsal, badminton. St Marys has a sports field used for rugby and football and next to this there is Mo Farah athletics track which stands in front of the student café. The university takes part in various sports such as football, rugby, weightlifting, athletics to name a few.

 Football In London

London’s most notable sports are football, cycling, tennis and rowing, swimming and rugby.  However football is one of the pride and joys of London culture with  London’s  biggest clubs being Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are known internationally around the world through Premier League and  their football tours. The fiercest rivalries amongst the London clubs is the north London derby Arsenal vs Tottenham other notable rivalries are Chelsea vs Arsenal.

Tourism In London

Some great attractions in  London include London bridge, London eye great for view of London as a whole, Wembley Stadium, The Olympic stadium The Harry potter theatre.

Who Are We?

What is Football Samurai Academy?

Football Samurai Academy Ltd is an incredible Japanese football company that operates in the United Kingdom. At Football Samurai Academy we look to increase participation in football amongst young children as well as providing international students the chance to study abroad through the B-TEC Sports Programme. Football Samurai Academy Ltd in the UK launched a football club Football Samurai Academy, academy team target age is U5 ~ U17, in the 2013, and  London Samurai Rovers, first team target age is over 18, in the 2017/2018 season. After the success of the first team by winning division 1 and being promoted to the Premier Division the company merged with J L Rovers and is currently known as London Samurai Rovers FC.

Coaches Experiences at Football Samurai Academy

A current coach at Football Samurai Academy who has obtained his FA Level 1 Coaching football License discovered the academy through Daisuke (Samurai coach) on his FA level 1 coaching course. His first impression of the club was their excellent level of management. Through the club’s facilities and websites that translates via a click of a button from Japanese to English. As a coach he learned greatly from the Football Samurai Academy coaches through observation how they develop the academy players, this provided him with great insight on how to apply this to future coaching sessions with the club. As a coach he looks at himself as a strategist, someone who can solve problems to overcome barriers that professional clubs and lower leagues experience. As players may find it challenging to transfer training practices such as movement, shooting or passing into competitive competition whether it is a league or cup match. Therefore as a coach he would like to offer support and player development throughout the season to players individually and as a team in order to be a success.

Our London Ambassador 

Here at Football Samurai Academy we are proud to have a Japanese national team player and Premier league for Southampton centre back as our ambassador. From 2020 Maya Yoshida currently plays for Serie A team Sampdoria. Maya Yoshida has partnered with Samurai in our fast growing Japanese youth football academy in Acton West London. He is extremely happy to have this responsibility as this is a role of great value in assisting with the team’s development.

Career Highlights

  • 2008-  Call up for Japan U-23’s team
  • 2008 – Call up and played in 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing
  • 2012-2020  Premier League Club Southampton 
  • 2009- 1st Senior debut for national team 
  • 2018- Selected for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia
  • 2018- Selected for AFC Asian Cup 
  • 2020- Serie A Sampdoria


今回は、10月にFA Coaching Football License Level 1を取得し、2020年11月からフットボールサムライアカデミーのコーチを務めている、ショーンさんにインタビューを行いました。








仕事以外では、アーセン・ベンゲルの言葉が私をよく表しています。「…. I have this football virus. When I wake up in the morning, I think immediately about what game is on that day. That is my life.」私が毎日最も楽しみにしていることは、どこかの国のサッカーの試合を見ることです。


休日は基本的に、さまざまな国でサッカーを見に行っています。(これまで、15か国で試合を観戦しました。すべての国で試合を見ることを目指しています)。 2〜3年おきに、家族に会いに日本に行きます。去年行ったときは、地元のJ3チームが、FC東京U23と対戦するのを見て、素晴らしい経験になりました。




[Samurai coach project] Samurai experience of a British coach

・How long have you been coaching in Samurai?

2 years.

・Why did you choose the samurai?

They are local and I love Japanese culture and the people!

・Please tell us about your experience with Samurai

My experience with samurai has been positive. It was my dream to work in football so I phoned all of the local clubs around my area and samurai stood out to me so I decided to support them. They were very accepting of me even though I wasn’t Japanese.

・What are you mainly doing at Samurai?

Coaching u8 and supporting other age groups.

・ Please tell us about your daily life

Nowadays I play sports, study and cooking although I do enjoy other things such as cinema & theatre.

・ What are you mainly studying at university?

Health & social care.

 A certain day (daily schedule)

0800 Breakfast
1030 Coaching
1200 Lunch
1330 Coaching
1500 Futsal
1800 Dinner
1900 Study
2000 Friends

・ How do you spend your holidays?

Holidays with friends (dinner/night out).

・ Are there any barriers/walls that you felt in the samurai?

Before I started coaching I didn’t have any experience so it was difficult. Language was another barrier when building a relationship with the younger kids and parents.

・ Are you studying Japanese? How are you studying?

I’m studying Japanese at home and through online private sessions, casually too with samurai friends.

・ Learning at Samurai

Everyone at samurai was very accommodating to my learning.

・Dream for the future

Work full time in football as well as abroad.

・ Please give us some advises for those who are worried about studying abroad

You can grow as a person I recommend meeting with as many people as possible!

Thank you Abdulla!


今回は、大学のインターンシップ制度を利用して、Football Samurai Academyでインターンシップを行なっている、中川圭太君にインタビューを行いました。中川君は、高校時代にベトナムのインターナショナルスクールに通い、その後イギリスのグロスターシャー大学に入学しました。

名前:中川 圭太
大学名:グロスターシャー大学(University of Gloucestershire)
インターンシップ先:Football Samurai Academy













・大学のインターンシップ制度を利用し、Football Samurai Academyをインターンシップ先に選ばれました。決めた理由は何でしたか。

インターンシップは日本の会社でも出来ましたが、せっかくビザがあるので、イギリスでやりたかったです。現在の専攻のコースがスポーツビジネスマネジメントのため、スポーツの経験が欲しいと思い、探し始めました。Football Samurai Academyは日系のサッカースクールで、英語も話す機会があります。また、外国人のコーチが所属していたり、様々なイベントも開催していて、大学の経験とリンクしていることもあり、選びました。



8:30 起床/準備
10:00 出社
12:00 昼食
18:30 帰宅
19:00 夕食の準備/夕食
21:00 プレミアリーグの試合観戦/フリータイム
23:00 就寝準備
24:00 就寝